Every people have a vision of a better world. We certainly believe it. Hence, we’re always trying to view our brand or our clients from a different perspective. Together with our clients, we collaborate to create a social market results, that also have a positive impact for the planet. Because it becomes our goal to make the world a better place.

Digital Roadmap Creation

Roadmap will provide the organization/company with the most effective digital strategy, and the essential how-to’s to actually achieve digital goals and objectives.

  • Analysis on brand, competitor, market & audience,
  • Setting digital goals (aligning with business objective), defining digital asset role & function,
  • Setting the infrastructure (team, technology, SOP, policy),
  • Planning the roadmap activity,
  • ROI review & the continuous roadmap improvement.

Digital Platform Creation

Web & mobile development of brand’s assets should be adapted with the user behaviour and customer centric technology.

  • User analysis,
  • Web/apps concept and roadmap,
  • Architect the information, UX strategy,
  • Content development, User Interface Development,
  • Efficient programming, comprehensive testing & analytics.

Digital Driven Campaign

Digital Driven Campaign can lead your communication & marketing activies to the next level of engagement, where it can be integrated to your offline strategy.

  • Analysis on brand, competitor, market & audience,
  • Creating campaign concept & big idea,
  • Setting digital & Social media strategy,
  • Digital & social media campaign management,
  • Comprehensive measurement.

Online Community Management

Online community management is both art and science. We manage people & customers to guide them into brand evangelist.

  • Define community roadmap & aligning it with business objective,
  • Build & grow community, create & manage editorial plan,
  • Community asset (social media, forum) optimization,
  • Comprehensive Measurement.

Digital Public Relation

Digital Public Relation embraces the power of digital to tell the brand story. For the outcome, Digital PR is optimizing the earned media.

  • Key message development,
  • Channel, community & key opinion mapping,
  • Brand PR strategy & program,
  • Online reputation measurement.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the art of communicating with costumers & prospect without selling (non-interruption/pull marketing). We are creating and distributing valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage with the target audience.

Online Database Management

Integrated with e-Commerce Strategy. Puts the Customer at the Centre of the Universe.

Inbound Strategy Framework